LinkedIn Interview w/Tracy Lindley

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LinkedIn Interview w/Tracy Lindley

By now you’ve learned I don’t stray from the difficult. I’ve mentioned in previous blogs some of the marketing mistakes I’ve made along the way, and hope you’ve learned from them so you don’t send out emails like the one I shared in my last episode.

Like email marketing, social media has its own unwritten rules, that are constantly changing. I don’t profess to be any kind of social media guru, so when I need help, I ask.

So, instead of listening to me, I thought I’d bring someone in to discuss one platform in particular. 

Tracy Lindley is a major in-demand voice actress. Some of her client list includes Visa, AT&T, Ebay, Microsoft. Tracy’s client list continues to grow every day and is due in part to her successful strategy on LinkedIn.

So right now,  I’d like to welcome the “professional voice with personality” herself.

Hi Tracy, thanks for joining me.

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