“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” – Henry Ford

Most people don’t give a lot of thought about how a new car goes from an idea to rolling on the roads. From the first drawing, to machines welding the metal, to hand-stitching the leather interior. Customers don’t see the countless man hours spent creating an open road experience.


In short, drivers choose their vehicles because of the QUALITY a particular brand is known for.

Like automakers, my voice work started long before I got behind the mic.

My passion for driving started as soon as I could get my license:

The day I turned 16, the local DMV was closed because of a snowstorm, so I convinced my mom to drive 45 minutes to the next town so I could get my license!

As an adult, I’ve taken multiple road trips across America and I’m spreading that joy with my kids every opportunity.

Being from the South:

Racing is in my blood. My great grandfather and grandfather started a dirt track, where famous drivers with names like Lee Petty, Curtis Turner, and more spun their tires.

My job as a voice actor is to bring your local or regional automotive dealership more recognition through a YOUTHFUL and ENERGETIC approach.

The goal as my client is to give you the same COMFORT, RELIABILITY, and PERSONALITY drivers dream about.

I’m ready to roll on your advertising needs. Email: stephen@stephengeorgevo.com and let’s start a conversation about what I can do for your next campaign.

Personal Car Photos

  • Stepping out for Senior Prom in my dad's Mustang convertible