Stephen George, Voice Over

Stephen’s Story

The Sound of Southern Charm.

I grew up in Mayberry (really Mount Airy, NC) where I had breathtaking views from the Blue Ridge Parkway and bigger bustling cities like Winston-Salem just a few miles away. It’s from those stunning settings I learned to appreciate different perspectives. Some of those perspectives I remember seeing on the local news. That’s where I discovered how special the opportunity was to tell stories for the people that don’t have a voice.

Where I Started

So, I started my career in journalism at the local newspaper writing feature articles on people and businesses around the community. Later, a local television station hired me as a writer and producer. During that time, I also started my own videography business to capture more intimate stories through weddings, concerts and documentaries.

A decade into my newsgathering experience, I decided to take a breath and focus on my family. But, the idea of sharing other people’s stories remains a passion.

The Story Continues…

That’s where you come in. Let me share your message, your way. Whether a Chevy sales pitch, or a Sunday School Teacher, my wholesome old-soul style is perfect for projects that call for the voice of a southern gentleman.

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