Improving 2019

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Improving 2019


Happy New Year everyone. I’m Stephen George and this is the first video blog for 2019.

You’ll remember I said in my video series Evolution Vs. Resolution I had a few improvements planned as I continue my voiceover journey.

And I want to expand on that today.

What you didn’t hear me say is I’m offering something “new”… 

the word “new” can signify the “start of something” which can sound exciting, or taken another way can mean “inexperience.” So for the sake of semantics, I’m leaving the word “new” out of my vocabulary.

I’m not new to the world of voiceover. I’ve worked in the industry full-time for 3 years, and leading up to that had spent almost a decade working at a local television news station and mixing live music in houses of worship. So I had real-world performance and technical experience before I officially made the jump to voice over.

Now, why the war on words this episode?

It’s to show you I’m pushing forward on my plan I laid out in Evolution V Resolution…

That Audient ID-4 audio interface I showed you still in the box of Episode 1, is now officially hooked up in my studio and has been used on a few auditions already this month.

Also… a nice little surprise for everyone following along. Keeping the idea of improving my skillset, I also refreshed my automotive demo. I recorded my first automotive showcase in 2017, and put it to good use with new clients… so to showcase how I have…. (say it with me everyone) “IMPROVED” I sprinkled in a couple of new items into that demo.

I’m gonna play for it you now, please share this link with anyone who you think may be interested in “improving” their car commercials online, on radio, or tv, either at a local or regional level.…. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon.