Evolution VS Resolution Pt 3

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Evolution VS Resolution Pt 3

Here we go folks, for part three of my series on my evolution as a voice actor and business in 2018, I wanted to talk about my mistakes…

We all want to project how successful and awesome we are online. Real talk, there’s always more to do. More recording, more blogs, more marketing emails, more phone calls. Time management is critical. The awesome Denzel Washington once said (see social media post from…) “doing a lot more doesn’t mean you’re getting more done”. So moving forward I’ve got to work on my strategery. We all work from the same 24/7 schedule. So I need to use my time more wisely to improve productivity. 

Another thing I need to do is work on following up… I’ve talked about that before….

I took a pretty hard inventory of 2018. So now, what can I do to improve? Find out in the next post and see if you agree. In the meantime, be sure to keep up with my other posts on my social media pages, or my website stephen george vo -dot-com. See you next time.