Why Me?

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Why Me?

There’s a multitude of voice over actors in the world. One particular casting site alone boasts 200k+ talents all around the world.

So, how does working with SGVO help you when there’s so much opportunity for other talent out there?

For starters, you work with me and me alone. Your communication filters directly to me and I will always respond to you via email or phone call. Whatever is your preference.

Next, the studio I work in is the one I personally built. That means if you need something done right now, I can do it. You don’t have to wait for a talent to book time at another location, I’m here, ready to go.

The SGVO Studio also carries World Voices’ approval. WOVO is an educational organization created to standardize audio quality and rates in the voice over industry. Their approval process involves a panel of world class audio engineers listening to samples sent from your studio and making the determination if your recording is up to their standards. So broadcast quality is always guaranteed here. See “SGVO Studio Features” below for a list of equipment.

Within the studio is also the capability to live-direct a session. Source Connect is apart of the setup, so if you need to listen in to make sure you’re getting the delivery you need during recording, it can happen instantly. If you prefer, Skype or FaceTime can also be used for similar setups.

Payment is easy as a couple of clicks. SGVO accepts PayPal, Apple Pay, or the always popular printed check.

What else do you need to work together? If you have questions Contact Me


SGVO Studio Features:

  • BLUE Kiwi or Bluebird Microphone

  • Scarlet 2i2 Interface

  • Izotope Rx6 editing package

  • Audacity software

  • Auralex Acoustic Foam