Time to Refresh

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admin logo

It’s a new day, week, month, logo, blog and website address for Stephen George VO.

It’s been 3 years since I kicked off my journey as a voice over actor and business owner. Over the last year, I’ve reflected more on what that means and how I can outwardly reflect that.

So, with the help of my graphic designer, we refreshed my logo to best show what I’m all about. Let’s start at the center, where you see my initials SG. I want it to be a visual reminder, that my clients are getting “me” at the center of every project. They may ask for different voice descriptions, but in the end, Stephen George is bringing their work to life.

The outer ‘V’ and encompassing ‘O’ signify my business. I am a Voice Over actor.  For my automotive advertising clients, this logo intentionally resembles a steering wheel, which is also an important part of my business plan.

Next, I’ve updated my web address. I went with a shorter, more simplistic address which will hopefully be more easily remembered:  www.sgvo.media

All the same information from before is there including demos to hear my sound, background information on who I am, and I’ve also added a NEW Blog section to my website, where I will offer frequent thoughts and updates on projects I’ve worked on.

To all my past, current, and future clients. Thank you for making this journey possible. I’ve enjoyed every opportunity and look forward to helping you create more success.