Fine Line

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Think about the last time someone sent you a request on any social media platform. What did you think of their approach? Did you think it was genuine? Or did it fall into the waste-of-an-effort category?

I’ve said before how I find it difficult to create relationships online, so if I’m marketing to local companies, I often ask for in-person meetings. For me it gives the person I want to talk to an opportunity to get a read on me, and vice versa. I’m also up for Skype or FaceTime calls for the same reason.

But it doesn’t always get that far. Sometimes I get no response, other times I get a connection but there is no follow-up conversation despite my best efforts. I’m also overly cautious about inundating someone. I don’t like to annoy people, as much as they don’t like to be annoyed. There’s a fine line between persistence and aggravation in marketing.

So how do you break the stigma? Will Rogers once said “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” and it’s incredibly applicable in online marketing.

What are your stories about anonymous connections that worked out?

What are the strangest connection requests you’ve received?