Resources Page Added

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A production company approached me about a series of videos. I was thrilled for the opportunity! It was a new experience for them as well. A couple videos in, I told the production company if their client wanted a different voice which could benefit them by targeting additional clients that I’d be happy to help find one. Sure enough, they asked to break up the set of videos I was supposed to do.

My feelings weren’t hurt because I understood that needs change. I was also excited about being able to help a VO colleague get extra work they didn’t know was coming. So, I sent the production company 3 options along with their contact info so they could move forward without delay.

As important, the colleague they picked delivered a great product, as I knew they would.

I know I’m not the right person for every project. That’s why I have a list of trusted VO talents posted on the special “Resources” page of my website. Anyone on that list I’d be happy to give work to, or collaborate with. It’s not a karma thing… it’s just the right thing for the client and I’m happy to be part of the process.