Getting More Done

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This quote struck me this week after I found myself feeling the need to give my LinkedIn profile a makeover. I plan to leave the new information I provided as a voice talent untouched for the foreseeable future to give it the opportunity to breathe and for people to see what I’m about. Is that the right thing to do? For me, yes. Because there are other things I need to get done.

I’ve been on LinkedIn for a decade or more because I’ve seen myself as more about business than social interaction and it wouldn’t distract me like other social media platforms. You could say I was social media averse.

In fact, the only reason I have other accounts is to promote/find work. And I’ve found success. I’ve created relationships with local, national, and international businesses on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Not just following them… actual paid work.

But it’s about balance. I’ve caught myself recently doing the same thing I used to chide others about… constantly checking my phone for likes, comments, etc. What should have I been doing with that time? Probably sending another marketing email, or researching more companies to contact. But, staying on top of social media is also what got me work previously.

So, what do you do?