A Vintage Sound

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One look at this, and I think a lot of people would ask the obvious question… what is it? I’ll give you some time to look it over before I tell you…. Ready?

This is a brand new 1950’s era Newcomb head amp. Now, how can that be? The math doesn’t add. It’s simple, all the circuitry underneath the shell is brand new. DJL Vintage Audio in North Carolina (see comments for website link) brought this vintage beauty back to life. I bought this amp at the end of last year after my music teacher and friend Daniel Seriff tested a similar model for me.

I’d had the same amp for more than a decade and had talked for YEARS about upgrading but never found the right fit. One look at this, and my search was over. This amp reflects a lot of who I am. My wife has always called me her “old soul”. After all, I may clean up nice, but I’ve always acted older than I am.

I was reminded of that this week by some colleagues who said in our industry it’s a great position to be in because I may have a young sound, but have the attitude of someone who can carry and meet expectations consistently. There is NOTHING that sounds like this amp out in the market today, and it still maintains the integrity from years gone by.

An ideal I intend to keep close to heart.