Mic Upgrade

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For me, the picture of these two microphones tell a larger story. The one on the left is a Blue Microphones Bluebird, very much considered a starter xlr mic, while the other mic, a Kiwi is considered a gold standard in the music vocal recording industry. Side-by-side they represent how I started small and then upgraded as more time went on.

The microphone I chose also shows how I go against trends in my industry. Most voiceover people I talk to, don’t use this particular brand of microphone at all. The ones that do, use a popular USB option for podcasting or other opportunities, but I’ve never gone that route. I want to be known for being unique in my field.

Now, you may say… why pick a microphone known in the music 🎼 world, and not in your industry? The answer will come in a future post. Stay tuned.

Finally, I want to mention brand loyalty. I started with Blue, and it’s a steady product that helped make me successful. So when I decided to upgrade, I wanted to stay in the family. And isn’t the goal of business to get repeat customers? I have clients that come back because they like what I do and want to stay with me, and I hope to gain many more.